Single Mothers in Progress (SMIP)

2 County Court, Suite 400
Brampton ON  L6W 3W8

Phone: 416-305-7086

Single Mothers in Progress (SMIP)

SMIP was founded by a single mother of four in 2009. After becoming a survivor of many horrendous obstacles, at age 27, Sherril Downer decided it was time to make a change. She began assisting mothers in her community in any way she could. After serving the community for two years, SMIP became a registered non-profit organization in June 2011. Sherril operated the organization for two years from her living room while using whatever community centers as she could afford. Beginning with only two families.

In March 2013 SMIP became a registered charitable organization providing programs and services that assist the mothers with their basic needs, education, and employment to 250 families in both Canada and Jamaica.

Who do we help?

At SMIP we assist single mothers residing within Ontario, Canada and St. Catherine, Jamaica whom are either expecting or have children under the age of 18.Minor restrictions may apply. Please call for further information.

Although currently our main focus is Peel Region we do not turn away anyone. All mothers are welcome.

How we help.

At Single Mothers in Progress we provide programs and services that give single mothers and their families the chance to enhance their lives in every aspect. The programs and services that we provide are :-

A weekly Food Bank
Every Thursday mothers are able to come to our location and collect non-perishable food items for their families.

Monthly clothing bank
One per month our organization hosts a clothing bank allowing mothers to come in and collect any clothing items we may have for free.

Referral program
With this program SMIP is able to assist mothers in any way they need. If a mother is in need of assistance we are unable to provide our referral program will allow us to refer mothers to a program/organization within the community whom can assist them.

Make a Better Way Program,
This program allows single mothers to receive employment for 6 months. During this employment mothers receive training in various life skills, CPR training, Food Handling and more.

Employment and Education Programs,
SMIP’s aim is to provide programs that will assist single mothers in enhancing their lives, mentally, physically, emotionally, educationally, and financially.

This program is provided for the whole family. In addition his program is provided to the general public. At SMIP we provide this program to newcomers interested in learning English as a second language.

Children Programs
It is our goal to allow children to explore, be themselves, and grow to the best they can be. We believe a child must enjoy his/her childhood while educating himself/herself for the future. We provide many programs that give children the opportunity to excel in all aspects of life.

We provide programs in the following areas:

* Arts
* Athletics
* Homework club
* Street proofing
* Babysitting club
* Tutoring
* Monthly Trips


At SMIP we offer many seminars in order to educate, inspire, and provide opportunities for single mothers.
24 hour help line
This phone line is a toll free number that accept collect calls. This line is available 24/7 in order to show support to single mothers at anytime they may need. This line is open for mothers to have someone to speak to and receive some guidance in regards to the situation they are in.

ID replacement assistance
This program allows single mothers to receive assistance with replacing their ID. Not only will a member of our organization we will pay apportion of the costs. Please speak to a counselor for further information.

Family Counseling Services
SMIP provides counseling for the whole family. The first 3 hour long sessions are absolutely free. Please speak to your counselor for fees past the third visit. Fees are determined by income, income resources, insurances and/or your membership status.

Assisting with Housing and Landlord Tenant Issues
At SMIP we have a great team of paralegals that are here to assist with Landlord and Tenant Board issues. If you are facing issues and need assistance we are here to help. Fees are determined by income, income resources, insurances and/or your membership status.


Single Mothers in Progress, otherwise known as SMIP, is a Non-Profit Organization that was created to give single mothers the opportunity to provide more stable, safe, and organized homes for their children.

SMIP provides many programs and services that promote growth, education, and stability inside the homes of our community, allowing the children to grow and become valuable citizens in our society. These services and programs help both the children and mot

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Founded: 2009

Categories: Charity Organization, Non-Profit Organization


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